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Okay, I did a version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” for Rapunzel and called it “Mother, Could I Go Outside Please?”

Hope you liiiike it. ♥

Mother, could I go outside, please?
Promise I won’t go very far
I understand the world’s an evil place
Just want one taste
I’m stuck inside a jar
Come on, you know I love you
Very much
What’s the worst it could do?

Mother could I go outside please?
Just want to see the flowers and bees
But I want to

Mother, could I go outside, please?
I really think I need a change
It’s getting boring painting all the time
And reading nurs’ry rhymes
That never seem to change

All I want’s to find the lights
And know why they shine
Who are they shining for?

Mother, could I go outside, please?
Wait, wait, please, just hear me out
I know, I know it really bothers you
What I want to do
To learn what life’s about

But I’ve been stuck inside this tower
For eight-teen years
Why won’t you understand?

Mother, could I just go outside, please?


omg so good!

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Disneyland Resort Paris: Minnie Mouse:)

Disneyland Resort Paris: Christmas Eve 2013 dinner at Castle Lounge:)

Disneyland Resort Paris: Christmas 2013:)

Love this wild Mickey Mouse-themed wedding cake designed by Disney artist, Tim Rogerson!